Take a look at the types of staffing we specialize in:

Product Sampling

Product sampling can cover many areas, but the most common are tastings of food and beverage products. It can extend into letting people play with and use your electronics, cars, and more. We can find the right talent to represent your brand to the consumer in a fun and enthusiastic way. Our staff will not only hand out samples, but educate the consumer on why your brand is the best and where to find it to purchase. Contact us to get on your way to building your team!

Promotional Modeling

Promotional models are effective at different kinds of events for varying types of products. Put a beautiful face to your brand name and you’ll not only get the attention of the consumer, but also give them a reason to remember you. Contact us to find out if promotional models are right for your event!

Tradeshow Spokesmodels

Our staff are trained to know the ins and outs of your brand and represent your organization with knowledge, intelligence and beauty. These models are experts at entertaining a crowd while still executing the goals of your tradeshow. Our models can sign consumers up for your sweepstakes or encourage them to make a purchase at your booth. Our models are intelligent, attractive and more than capable at getting your potential customers to pay attention to your brand! Contact us for more information on how a tradeshow spokes model might be the right fit for you!