Most staffing agencies work with a broad range of clients. Health and Fitness Staffing works with clients who share our vision of bringing products that promote healthy living and an active lifestyle to our customers. Our promotional staff share this vision, creating a deeper bond between the promotional models and the brands we represent.

It’s important to us that your campaign be a success. That’s why we provide quality staffing by personally interviewing all of the models. We don’t rely on emailed photos or phone screens when recruiting our staff. We believe seeing someone face-to-face is crucial to staff-selection.

With more than 10 years of experience in managing field marketing and sponsorship activation programs, Jessica Shields, the founder and CEO of Health and Fitness Staffing has the connections to find the talent best suited to your needs. That means that we start with our extensive network of models, referrals, and experience to find staff that can represent your brand effectively to others in the health and fitness world. We understand that athletic events and brands are different. That’s why we customize what and who we’re looking for in order to best represent each client with the best results for that market, event, and clientele.